Our microbrewery is the home of Long Arm Brewing Co. – an independent London craft beer brand.

With the aim of creating modern beers with tradition in mind, we are an honest brewery, no cutting corners, no cheating and unforgiving when it comes to the quality of our beers and the ingredients that go into them. We have a core range of four cracking beers that we are hugely proud of alongside our seasonal specials such as Peace Maker, our Summer Ale made with Elderflower and Champagne yeast. These are not niche beers for die hard craft beer enthusiasts only – we get just as much satisfaction, if not more, from converting the lifelong lager drinkers as we do from impressing the experts.

Our full range is available in cask, keg and bottle at Ealing Park Tavern and with the brewery being situated through the gate in the garden, you can get a taste of the action with regular brewery tours, tastings and beer and food matching dinners.

To find out more about the brewery and our beers, visit The Long Arm Brewing Co. website.

To enquire about brewery tours, please contact Ellie, Events Manager on: 07879 665836 /ellie@etmgroup.co.uk


Brewery tours

Join our Brewmaster and enjoy a tour of Ealing Park Tavern’s fascinating microbrewery. Learn all about the art of brewing, enjoy a hands-on masterclass in how the brewery works and finally sample the ales that we have concocted.

To book a beer tour or for any other enquiries, just contact Ellie, Events Manager on: 07879 665836 /ellie@etmgroup.co.uk